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    I've had problems with my Russian in past and since he has been great. My question. I have a...

    I've had problems with my Russian in past and since he has been great. My question. I have a UVB/UVA light in his open pen. I added additional lighting. Since he seems to be tired and his eyes are squinting
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    Why are some against keeping juveniles outside?

    To much protein will cause pyarmiding. Such as Spinach, Kale.
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    Hi little help please

    Could be a Russian he looks like mine
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    Weird that I don’t “interact” with my Tortoise?

    Hi, that's how I feel. My husband built a beautiful habitat for my tort looks like a piece of furniture. He added nice plexiglass windows so I can sit and watch activities. I also added a camera to make sure when I'm gone everything good. But like you I don't hold my tort. He is a rescue and...
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    Eye infection

    I had to take my guy to vet. He was having problems. Vet gave me eye drops and that worked. Good luck
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    White Poop?

    Its his pee. Totally normal, scared me first time
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    Another question Cicil since he has gotten well eats like a little pig. Now 2 days not seeming to want anything to do with his veggies all he does is sleep mostly under heat lamp. It's not cold in his habitat. Consistently 90 ish
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    Wow great idea. Im going to get one. Thank you. I love this Forum
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    ok cicil has made an incredible recovery and doing great. Eats his food i leave the pellets for him always he does like them. Now big question, when I put his food out he won't touch it until he gets his nice warm bath and relieves himself then its game on. Now we are leaving for 4 days and he...
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    Thats what i have. I actually have 2 ceramic heat lamps one lower which is the one he lays under that maintains 85-90 all day the opposite side had the other ceramic which i have higher in the tank to keep cooler not cold. So that side sits around 80
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    What is a CHE ?
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    Thank you. Ok ill set up heatba bit higher for him. Thank you
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    Question reading posts that say olive oil or coconut oil is safe to treat shells. Now although I would do this I want to make sure my Russian tort isn't going to be harmed by doing so. However, the reason I'm reading these posts is his shell is looking bleek. Dull and bumpy. So first is it...
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    Thank you He gets a very wide variety of green leaf salads. I have a greenhouse and will be starting a tortoise garden in there soon. He loves everything i give him. Im so thankful he has survived
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    hi everyone havent been here in awhile. My little guy is doing fantastic. Jams around his tank, eats like a little pig. Basks under his light. Just great seeing him do so good. Was so stressful when I first got him. Now food! So I was reading an article on food not safe, such as zuchini...