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  • I've had problems with my Russian in past and since he has been great. My question.
    I have a UVB/UVA light in his open pen. I added additional lighting. Since he seems to be tired and his eyes are squinting
    Hi everyone
    Well prognosis on Cicil. Finally today after 2 months my sweet guy ate some tomato and a bite of strawberry. First food 2 months. Soaking 2 times a day, shots of calcium and eye drops finally. Eyes are opening and food. Oh and he peed today. So excited we are on a road to wellness
    Hi all
    Well not really any progress. I bathe twice a day. I use an eye drop twice a day. Built him a new habitat. Put in new lighting all the recommended flooring zoomed. His eyes still closed one will open a little.
    No food intake. Before the fires took him outside 20 minutes a few times a day.
    Made it to vet today. He is suffering from bad lighting. However, we have addressed this recently. She wants me to feed him with a syringe. Well I tried im so afraid of hurting him. Im mad at myself for failing at this. Any ideas on feeding him with syringe would be helpful
    The basking Ultraviolet light lamp is vital. Keep one part of the enclosure at 85-88 degrees and one side cooler. We use fresh veggies and dry foods. Change the food and water dishes everyday. Use a small plastic tub filled with warm water about 90 degrees and soak it for about 30 minutes twice a day to stimulate excretion. We finalize by placing the tortoise under basking lamp to warm up.
    Well he has been 3 weeks now. I bathe him once twice a day. Now I added prune juice into his bath ive ground greens into smoothies. He eats grass once in awhile i take him out often bath to soak up some sun. Eyes one has a little slit so he is opening one. He walked around yard good today. However, no poo no pee and no substance of any kind.
    Eyes still closed
    I'm going to follow the recommendations of many. I blended his greens and created a smooth. Also added a small amount of calcium powder. I will start bathing him in that concoction tomorrow Monday. He acts as if he is trying for an early hibernation. Im concerned. Ive had him going on week #4 eyes have not ever been open. No food no water no urinating and no fetus. I need help!
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