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    New Post Problem and Help to Post Photo

    I made a new post for 3 leopard hatchlings for sale the other day. I wasn't able to figure out to post pictures and now I don't see the sale listing either. Had an alert that my post had been moved to another location? I'm confused. Can someone help me? Thank you.
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    Leopard Tortoise Hatchlings

    Three beautiful well-started babcocki Leopard Tortoise hatchlings for sale. Hatched in September. They are all active, healthy and eating well. If interested please PM me for photos and more details. For some reason I am unable to post photos this morning.
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    Leopard Tortoise Yearlings For Sale in Arizona

    Two leopard tortoise yearlings for sale in Arizona. Would prefer pickup but will ship. These ground hatched beauties have spent the summer outdoors, are healthy and thriving. They are being offered to Tortoise Forum members who can demonstrate awareness/knowledge of the requirements to care...
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    Beautiful Healthy Yearling Leopards

    Thank you. The father is quite dark.
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    Escaped Torts on the loose!

    Isn't it fun!! I got my first surprise babies last year, but this year got to watch one of my females digging her nest for the first time. What a long drawn out process, haha.
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    Beautiful Healthy Yearling Leopards

    A year ago I posted a thread about four "surprise" leopard babies that popped up out in the yard. These are the two remaining ones, they were the largest one and the tiny one. They have done great and have been outside in the Arizona sun all summer with lots of water and shade. The...
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    Yearlings Now and questions about selling them

    You might remember that a year ago we got some surprise leopard tortoise babies that hatched in the ground. They are now two beautiful yearlings and I am getting ready to let them go. Can I get some advice on the best way to ship them before i offer them for sale? Will FedEx carry the boxes...
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    Leopard Incubation Set-up

    Thanks but my incubator is only 15.5 in inside so don’t think this will work for me. But I Get the idea. I found some square plastic food containers that are abt 5 in. Thinking maybe I could use a few of those. Do you just sit them on top of the foam pad or do you remove the foam?
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    Leopard Incubation Set-up

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    Leopard Incubation Set-up

    That’s a good idea. Square would fit more than round. How deep are they?
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    Leopard Incubation Set-up

    My female(s) has been busy. There are four new nests in my yard. It’s time to set-up my first incubator. I’ve got a new Reptibator and vermiculite but can’t figure out what size containers to use inside. I am thinking deli cups? What size? 12 oz? 16 oz? Shoe box was too large. Would...
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    Surprise tiny leopards-Questions

    Update: Ended up with four beautiful babies. The fourth one is even tinier than the first three and absolutely friendly and thriving. Have found homes for two of them but will keep the smallest and the first one for awhile. Also, my female has dug two new nests. :) Going to let them over...