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    Help identify this little one

    Gosh, he is really pretty! I was glad to see the photo. Thanks.
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    Sulcata baby skin issue/ help?

    Yeah, well so has human trafficking but it still occurs. Best wishes to anyone with a sick baby.
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    Ungrateful Sulcata

    ROAD TRIP!!!! But is there a vehicle that could contain him???
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    Ungrateful Sulcata

    Those cinder.blocks are mere tinker toys to him!!
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    Walker Pics

    Outstanding! What a super-great surprise! Thanks for sharing.
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    Larry eats outside, but not inside

    “Welll, this is it. I’m going to die!”
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    Larry eats outside, but not inside

    Welcome. Larry is quite the handsome boy! I’m sure he will settle in soon. At least he is eating something! Our girl, a desert tort, won’t even sniff something outside. If it’s not in her bowl, surely it’s not food!
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    Sex for Knobby

    Not a lot, no. Usually happens if I’m holding her, petting her shell. I’ll watch for a correlation between that and bathrooming! Thanks for your tip.
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    tortoise specialist document

    Agreed. Find one in Kuwait. That’s too long a trip anyway IMHO.
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    Sex for Knobby

    Our girl wags her tail just like a dog (well, not that fast) but it definitely wags. Usually walks with it straight down.
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    Sulcata in Los Angeles Backyard, Opinions Welcome

    Any human with half a brain who’s been around animals can identify a happy, healthy animal. Yours looks like one of those!! Love and enjoy him.
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    Florida Gopher tortoise help!

    Hey! I’m in Vegas too! Far NW, last exit outta town.
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    Is my Russian Tortoise dead???

    I am so sorry for your loss.