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    Happy Hatchday Pluto 🎈💚🐢

    Hatched 4/25/20, and I’ve had him since he was 15 days old... He’s spent his 1st yr in a @Markw84 ’Smart Enclosure’,~one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!
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    Love at first sight: New Baby... Burmese Star

    Yes, and I could just sit and watch her for hours and get nothing done.
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    Love at first sight: New Baby... Burmese Star

    I'm so excited! I received my Burmese Star Baby, this morning. I cannot brag enough on @Markw84. Backstory.... I got my first Tortoise last year; an Eastern Hermann's. I raised him from a 2 week hatchling in a "Smart Enclosure" I purchased from Mark. My Hermann's thrived in the enclosure for...
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    Jonathan, 189 years old.

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    Interesting Article: 121yr old Hermann's Tortoise

    Hello TFO Friends... I came across this article this morning and wanted to share. Note: Dear Site Admin's: I hope it's ok to share things like this. If not, I'm truly sorry, and I understand if this post is deleted. No worries. :) 121yr old Pet Tort...
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    Smart Enclosure Setup:)

    Thank you... I purchased the Smart Enclosure from @Markw84. Reach out to him; he's very informative, and wonderful to do business with.
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    Smart Enclosure Setup:)

    Oh well... I didn't know that; I'm new at this. Learning:)
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    Smart Enclosure Setup:)

    I got him from Randy Betz/TortStork... I received him on 5/21/20, and he was 1" 6/16th (width of shell) and weighed 17.62 grams. As of this morning he is 2" 3/16th wide, and weighs 56.69 grams.
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    Smart Enclosure Setup:)

    Hello TFO Friends, I haven't posted in a while, but I am on here almost daily; reading and learning. Pluto, my little Eastern Hermann's will be 4 months old on 8/24/20. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. His previous enclosure was a 3'L x 2'W x 2'6"H plastic container with full lighting...
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    New member

    Hi Jennifer, Welcome! And, a great looking baby you've got there. :)
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    Bioactive setup questions

    Thanks so much for suggesting @Markw84, I had not seen his enclosures. I'm so thankful I found this forum. I've already learned so much from reading posts from @Tom ,@Kapidolo Farms, and several others. I have been able to make quick corrections on substrate and tweak the temps thanks to info...
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    Bioactive setup questions

    Hi... I’m a newbie, and following this thread since I too am considering investing in a large custom closed chamber and bioactive kit from’The Biodude’. I read on another thread by Tom that he uses ‘Animal Plastics’ closed chamber? I’m debating on the two; waiting for the experienced experts to...
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    Help with a name?

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't think about all the darkness that goes along with Criminal Minds.. I'm leaning toward Pluto or staying with Shelldon. However, I had someone tell me that Sheldon was a very hateful turtle on a tv series called Family Guy (news to me; never watched it)? Oh...