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    Russian Tortoise for Adoption - L.A. Area

    i would love to have him, i have an outdoor habitat and a lady russian:) please text me if he is still available 805-410-20-47 Anna, i live in Van Nuys and have a great schedule with my kids:) please let me know ;)
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    I think Yoshi (RT) is ill? I'M WORRIED

    my russians' favorite is dandelion flowers, than leaves, they love broadleaf plantain too in the spring:)
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    I think Yoshi (RT) is ill? I'M WORRIED

    i have a couple of russian, had them about 6 years, I also have a couple of redfoots and one box turtle and one sulcata, who is very young and gentle thing so far :) one of my adopted russians was dragging on sick for a while and even with antibiotics he is still in a very slow recovery...
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    rescue claims it is a sulcata!

    it was not adopted, it was removed from the site, something finally worked, most likely they were contacted by the CTTC and were forced to release the tortoise to them. thanks everyone:) mission accomplished :)
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    New tortoise owner, help please, red swollen sores

    oh the recovery is very long, did he open his eyes yet? he might not look it but he might be congested.
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    I think Yoshi (RT) is ill? I'M WORRIED

    outstanding, she has a sweet tooth:) as for the weather, i am not surprised, the weather this year was changing so much drastically from crazy hot to crazy cold all my torts are exhausted going in and out of weather stupor, they are super sensitive to weather conditions, this weather weakens...
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    rescue claims it is a sulcata!

    the scary part is that she argued back and when i told her i will alert california turtle and tortoise club the clerk lady said that she has already spoken to the club and they were the one who identified it as sulcata. which is impossible. i left a message on facebook to the club but there is...
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    rescue claims it is a sulcata!

    they claim it is a sulcata, i called and argued it is a california desert tortoise, but they do not listen, check the link and tell me what you think, or if you do not think it is sulcata - please call them as I did :) thanks
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    Albino Sulcata VS Ivory

    ivory - light skinned but otherwise normal, albino - red eyes, white to pinkish skin, and just a note - it is very likely that she/he will be 80-100% blind, red eyes are incredibly sensitive to the light and the outdoor existence is painful to them ( light wise), keep that in mind:)
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    I think Yoshi (RT) is ill? I'M WORRIED

    honestly i do not understand why people keep their russian so warm, i live in California and their choice weather is 75-80, anything above and they go ape shiiiit! start burying themselves into the dirt to escape the heat. sorry i have no clue what is up with your russian but the fact that it...
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    I Blame You

    yup, tortoise addiction is a serious problem... I suffer from it myself, well not suffer, kinda enjoying it actually :)
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    Wild strawberry leaves edible?

    my russian will nibble a bit but not a fan, as there are much tastier things around, but when comes the spring - they love the variety of wild grasses.
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    Safe to eat?

    just a note:) my silly tortoises will not touch hibiscus that is white or yellow but they all love deep pink and reds:) silly things, and no offense that cactus is not a prickly pear:) lol, i know I have it - the thorns are literally an inch long, yours looks like opuntia which is actually the...
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    why is this even a question? yes, of course you wash your hands after each contact, nt because of salmonella, but because it is a freaken common sense. they crawl through pee and poop and unless you want that in your mouth, yeah, wash your hands every time after handling anyone that is not...
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    New tortoise owner, help please, red swollen sores

    and the fact that his skin is turning pink is the worst thing, it looks like septicimia to me, vet my friend is your only salvation, or he will die, septicimia will kill him in one month.