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    Will my Hermanns Be okay?

    He’ll be fine in that size for a few months. They’re surprisingly hardy animals once they get out of the hatchling stage. As long as he’s getting the essentials (food, uv, water) he’ll manage just fine for a bit
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    Gettin in some yard time
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    Obviously he likes it. I started mine on Mazuri and greens and he seems like he isn’t feeling the Mazuri any more I think maybe he’s just gotten tired of it. Maybe I’ll try some of the Flukers
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    What in the world was he eating!?
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    Exploring the grass a little bit.
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    Hermann Hatchling won't poop

    Mine did the same thing. Went almost a week I believe without pooping. I’ll admit it may have been a day or two sooner but like you said it can be tough to find. But if you’re real nervous soak him every day instead of every other. That seemed to help mine and I don’t think you can soak them too...
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    Is ‘Mazuri day weight gain’ a thing?

    there are Soooo many factors involved with that too. Each individual differs and I’ve had a hard time finding any details on a “general rate of growth” that you can expect. I’m far from an expert but maybe getting the smaller Mazuri pellets and throwing in some with its regular meals. Mine...
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    Is ‘Mazuri day weight gain’ a thing?

    So for my Hermann’s I got him at 2 months old and this is basically how I’ve tracked his weight. I weigh mine once a week and he stays on Mazuri, the small pellets, and then a mixture of dark greens and hibiscus flowers daily... I guess I say all that to say I started out weighing him daily and...
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    About what age should you be able to tell the difference?
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    I don’t have a lot of experience with the compact uvb bulbs but I’ve heard they’re somehow bad for their eyes. Enclosure is definitely nice looking though
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    Glass Enclosure problem SOLVED!

    Sounds way better than my solution of blacking out the windows. Turns out with the lights on it’s basically a mirror and he wasn’t having that. He wasn’t a fan of another tortoise in his hood I guess.
  13. Chester sip sip sippin

    Chester sip sip sippin

    I told him if he didn’t s*** in his water he coulda been drinking that all day. Actin like he been stranded in a desert. Boy you know you get soaked like every day
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    Plants for baby hermanns?

    Mine goes absolutely bats••• over hibiscus. He doesn’t care much for cactus pads but in south Texas we can grow both with ease. Hoping he gets the taste for the cactus cause we don’t really have dandy lions down here.
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    T.h.h “normal” hatchling weight?

    that’s sounds to be about normal. I have an Eastern from Garden State. Actually ours may have been neighbors at some point I received mine about that same time. He just clocked in at 46 grams yesterday. Obviously easterns are slightly larger. I’d love to see more pictures of your enclosure. It...