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    Zoo Med Powersun 100 watt MVB

    I got this one sometime in 2009 and it has been great. I don't know what I paid for it at the time but it's been well worth whatever it was. There may be others out there, I haven't checked around.
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    Zoo Med Powersun 100 watt MVB

    Well, it's been a loooong time since I've posted but I've been reading and keeping up to date :) Turtle (Greek tort) is doing great thanks to you guys! I'm popping back on because I wanted to let you know that this bulb just doesn't seem to be lasting as long as they claim it should. I got...
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    My son, doing what he does!

    I actually just got an email from him (he never calls his mother!), his research has been cited on a poster/publication and he's been given proper credit! I guess he is officially 'published' now! Pretty cool. He said Blue Herons are the ones to really watch out for, they have bad attitudes...
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    What's On Your IPOD?

    Positive. The majority of the songs on my iPod are my own CDs that I imported to iTunes. My CD/DVD driver is hosed right now, I was going to make screen prints for you but can't. I have to get that fixed!! Anyway, when you are using iTunes and pop a CD in it will ask you if you want to...
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    Pictures of different animals from work

    What a great assortment of critters! Each is beautiful...not sure who I'd want to take home with me. lol. I love birds of prey, they are just so awesome and Pelicans are just funny looking. I have a great appreciation of bats now that my kid studies them but have a soft spot for a reptile of...
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    Colonel Mustard, Western Hognose

    OOOOH! I love little hoggies! He looks like a cutie, love his name. One of these days I'm going to break down and get one, they are right up there on my "next snake" list.
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    Where in your houses/apartments/etc do you keep your tortoises?

    Turtle's (Greek tort) table is in my son's room, after he moved out I got Turtle so it worked out nicely. If/when he moves back home (after he finishes this semester, his last, of college) I will have to squish Turtle in my room, that should be fun 'cause the dog crate takes up a lot of space...
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    What's On Your IPOD?

    You can import all of your CD's into your iTunes then pop them over to your iPod. No need to buy everything again...or do you mean LPs?
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    What's On Your IPOD?

    Beethoven to Metallica with a heavy dose of The Beatles (still waiting for my mono box set to ship!!!). Gary Numan, Waylon/Willie/Johnny, REM, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Radiohead, The has a bit of everything but no rap or disco ;)
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    What Was the FIRST Cinema Movie You watched?

    I don't remember what the first one was. My great Grandfather owned and managed a lot of theaters so I spent a lot of time watching movies! I do remember seeing Bambi and Fantasia, they would have been 'early' ones for me. I also remember falling in lust with Clark Gable during a special...
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    Type of light

    It may still be lighting but, three years later, the UVB output is minimal if even at all. Not even a MVB will produce a lot of usable UV after three years. A florescent bulb (tube or coil) should be changed about every 6 months and MVB's about every year unless you have a meter and can...
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    What is the general consensus on IN-DOOR housing of tortoise?

    I did not mean to imply that you looked down on anyone or thought you were better, if you felt that is what I meant I am truly sorry. And I certainly appreciate your damndest help...I have asked many questions and received nothing but good advice. I was not knocking you or your knowledge or...
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    What is the general consensus on IN-DOOR housing of tortoise?

    No ruffled feathers but... You really have to take this one step further then, disallow the sale of or transportation into such states or elicit new laws to closely monitor to whom torts are sold and under what conditions. I can't imagine that is what you would like to see happen...
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    What is the general consensus on IN-DOOR housing of tortoise?

    Nope, you're not the only one! I live in an apartment and can't keep my tortoise outside either. He's a 5 1/2" Greek and lives inside year round, he has a 4' x 3' table with lights and I do take him out to wander around, closely supervised of course. I would love to be able to take him...
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    Please get a clue!!

    And this is where I lose you (well, OK, I've totally lost the whole point, but...), it takes mere moments to register and get a confirmatory email and finalize enrollment. Another few minutes to create a post. If the situation is so dire that 10 minutes is going to make a difference it's...