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    Take ur poop to the school everyday and smear it all over the enclosure walls... they’ll get tired of cleaning it
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    That sucks cactus! Psst.. Jan new plan! A more designer garbage can lid for u
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    Wait... now u dont have the sully??
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    Looking to re-home red foot tortoise about 1-2 years old

    Toddrick! Tell the story! HHa
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    I need to ID a pet tort I found in Dallas, TX

    Sounds like a hybrid cheetah elephant, turkey vulture... should have never let this one get away
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    Do Tortoises like having the back of their shell lightly scratched?

    My sully used to wiggle dance when the tall grass would rub against him... i was not talented enough to ever get it on vid
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    Pros and Cons of Digital Timers?

    This is what i use on my enclosures. Never had any problems
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    So upsetting :(

    Or ive seen an expert redfoot thieve thread on here... maybe u could hire her
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    So upsetting :(

    Go volunteer to care for the animals
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    So upsetting :(

    Now ur asking for a miracle lol
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    So upsetting :(

    All u can do is try to suggest some housing changes to them. If u dont feel comfortable doing it in person then give them a call and explain it to them. Wont hurt to try
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    Paper or plastic? ... paper!!!