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    Multiple tortoise households

    Hi there! I have a male Russian, wild caught that I purchased from a pet store. I then added a Burmese Star hatchling to our family, we think she is a female, but she is only 3 years old. Both are very different species. The Russian is housed in an open table. The Burmese is housed in a closed...
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    re homing a cherryhead tortoise about 6.5 inches in length (south jersey)

    Hello there! Any luck finding a home for your tort? I live in Northern Delaware, currently I have an adult Russian and Burmese yearling. Myself or even a few of my local tort friends may be interested. Enclosure included? Cost?
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    Penelope’s new closed chamber

    Penelope is enjoying her new closed chamber from MarkW! I would highly recommend anyone who would like to have a healthy and happy home for your tort to contact him.
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    Penelope’s new closed chamber

    Thank you very much!
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    Penelope’s new closed chamber

    We recently received our new closed chamber from Mark, we couldn’t be happier. Here are a few pictures.
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    My Burmese Star

    Very nice. Roughly how old is she?
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    Vet checkups

    Well said. I am going to follow the same path with our vet, clear and direct. I think it is good idea for Oliver to have his physical after he has been outside for the summer months. Thank you all again for the support!
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    Vet checkups

    Hello All, I am very grateful to the members of this forum. I have been able to research and find answers to all of my questions and concerns. Our RT, Oliver has been with us for a year, we took him to the vet when we first brought him home. Of course, he had worms, but it was quickly cured. We...
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    Spineless cactus

    Hello all, I recently received a nice package of spineless cactus from the Carolina Pet Supply Company. My Russian Tort, Oliver loves them. I hope this was helpful.
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    New Member with housing questions.

    Thank you! I saw the most recent posts on Tortoise Town and immediately moved on. Thank you for confirming. I am trying to reach Carol S, she seems to be well liked and has a great reputation. I don't tweet but will start my search for her now. Thank you all for everything!!!!
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    New Member with housing questions.

    Thank you! The information is very helpful, and glad we can use regular tap water. Glad you have experience with a vegetable table, I will double check to make sure the walls are tall enough. I am enjoying the forum, there is so much good information! Thank you again for the quick response.
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    Carol S: Great Russian Tortoise Vendor

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to reach Carol S. I see she is highly rated as a breeder, I am looking for a female Russian tort. Thank you all.
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    New Member with housing questions.

    Thank you all for the wonderful welcome. I like the idea of the vegetable table, and thank you for the specifics of the size, we knew it needed to be large, but this is confirmation. I will also check on the forum for breeders, just a little concerned regarding shipping to us rather than picking...
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    New Member with housing questions.

    Good Morning All, I am new to the forum, and I have started to research the Russian Tortoise for a life time family member. Unfortunately, my husband and I are not handy woodworkers, but the homes I see on the forum are fabulous. As an alternative would it be possible to use a large vegetable...
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    Creating a first enclosure

    Thank you, I will do so.