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    Help? Sulcata found in the desert

    Wow. I didn't realize it was that bad. I wouldn't have thought it wouldn't be that difficult to find them homes.
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    Help? Sulcata found in the desert

    What I don't understand is that if you're callus enough to abandon an animal like that why you wouldn't just sell it. He(?) has obviously been well cared for so whoever did it knows they weren't setting him free, they were giving him a death sentence.
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    Does anybody know if any of these weeds are suitable for a Horsefield tortoise please?

    first one is English Ivy. Pretty sure that's on the no list. Third one looks like a mint of some sort because of the opposite leaves and square stem. Fifth one looks like Cranesbill. Sixth looks like another mint. Hard to tell without flowers unfortunately.
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    green house/tortoise house

    The cost of heating a glass building to Sulcata friendly temperatures in the winter. At the opposite end of the spectrum, sufficient venting and cooling capacity to keep a glass building in the right temperature range during the summer. I'd hit up local gardening forums, relevant youtube...
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    can i feed my tortoise egg shells?

    I get that this is a thread necro, but since it has risen for people to see, a Redfoot can actually process the sugars in fruits so they can and should be a regular part of their diet. They can also consume sizable amounts of animal protein and will do so with great gusto. Edible mushrooms are...
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    How harmful are insecticides for tortoises?

    Any idea what they were spraying for? If it was something like Bt (bacillus thuringiensis) for mosquitoes it's basically harmless to other organisms.
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    Roughly 4 Month old Sick/Refusing to eat Redfoot!

    You won't get much, if any, UV through the glass. You don't really need to worry about them not getting any (while you wait for a new bulb) because they are forest tortoises -- they really don't ever get much UV traipsing around the floor of the Amazon. Keeping them warm and wet is much more...
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    Red Foot outdoor temperatures

    Makes me question the sanity of deliberately trying to make an enclosure with lots of places to hide. 😆
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    Red Foot outdoor temperatures

    That's a very good point you bring up. What we are doing in the more northern latitudes this time of year is letting them out for at most a few hours at sub-optimal temps. After that they are going back into a nice toasty enclosure for the bulk of the time. It's a fine line, saying 70F is okay...
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    Red Foot outdoor temperatures

    Houdini belongs to @Jan A . My guy's name is Tord. My son named him that as a pun on how we tend to pronounce tortoise with a d rather than a t. Technically it's his tortoise. Tord can motor around pretty good but doesn't seem to teleport. Instead his superpower is the ability to turn...
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    Red Foot outdoor temperatures

    Our guy guy is pretty predictable; by late afternoon the sun is blocked by trees, combine that with a full belly and him dropping below 75F (23C), and he's off to bed in his Hostas. I suspect the dropping temperature and light levels trigger an instinct telling him night is coming and it is time...
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    Red Foot outdoor temperatures

    I find that an infrared thermometer makes it easy. With it I'm willing to put him out on days that I might not be willing to try, like if it's only partially sunny. And tell Harry2 whatever you need to, I can handle the disapproving glare from another tortoise. ;)
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    Red Foot outdoor temperatures

    If he's in the sun, 14-15 is fine for a while. RF's have dark shells and absorb heat very well. Based on my experience with ours, they seem to be quite good at regulating their internal temps by moving in and out of the shade as necessary. He will go hunt slugs in the Hosta patch for 5 or 10...
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    Free Roam Red Foot Tortoise

    If you're going to keep full yard access (just listen to what people say about escape proofing it) you should find a spot to build yourself a tortoise friendly garden. A pond in the shade, with a couple of low and dark hides, and some low, large leaved plants right next to it, and your RF will...
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    Outside Temperature Question

    What I do is hang out with a digital thermometer and keep tabs on our RF. If he's consistently staying below 75 it's time to go in and warm up. On a sunny day mid 60's is usually enough to keep him warm.