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    Non-toxic wood stains and sealers?

    Nearly all sealants are safe as long as they are allowed to fully cure. Polyurethane should be fine. I used an epoxy resin to fill in all the cracks.
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    Thermostats with CHEs

    This is what I use. It has a probe that I've drilled into the enclosure so just the metal part sticks out. The settings on it are a little difficult to get a hang of but it basically works like this: You set a minimum temperature and a temperature difference. The heater clicks on when it hits...
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    Bluetooth Thermometer That’s the one I got. Batteries last over 6 months on Wifi. I’ve had it connected since I left for Christmas and it’s still reporting 2/4 bars. The app does have some issues though, such as it auto logs you out after about a...
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    Bluetooth Thermometer

    Govee thermometer does what you want. It also conects to Wifi when you aren’t in Bluetooth range. I use it when I’m out of town for emergencies. It’s only like 20 bucks too. Edit: the Wifi version is actually 40 bucks.
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    New enclosure ordered

    Wow that’s a big bin. You got a link?
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    Water proofing

    Bed liner or fiberglass resin works well. Fiberglass resin paints on like polyurethane but a single coat is 50x thicker. It’s pretty cheap too.
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    Do's and Dont's of building a tortoise table? (RF)

    To piggy back on this comment, I used 1x12 boards for the walls which are very solid and are high enough to add a substrate (and even to grow plants in). Also, you said "no experience with wood" so if you don't know this already, it will save you a lot of headaches: the actual dimensions of...
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    Do's and Dont's of building a tortoise table? (RF)

    Get a rafter angle square. Otherwise, you will attach side walls then realize as you attach the last one that they are all at angles. Or use a carpenters square and build all the...
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    Question about Inkbird Thermostat

    Please make sure to never go anywhere near the max load on the inkbird stuff in the future. I had one that should have been good for 1100 watts and it started a fire at 850 wats. Thankfully the thermostat wasn't in the substrate so it didn't spread, but I came back from vacation and the whole...
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    Family vacations

    We have a hose hooked up to a water timer to fill up the water bowl daily. The heaters are hooked up to a thermometer that keeps constant temperatures and we have a thermometer that alerts our phones if temps drop below a certain limit (e.g. if a fuse blows). Also, we usually fill up a bowl with...
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    Humidity For Adult Sulcata

    Yes it has the vinyl flaps. I like the idea of a humidifier hooked up to a hygrometer to maintain a constant humidity. I really wish they made a humidifier that could be hooked up to a hose and a solenoid valve to top it off. Maybe I’ll have to make one. The problem is unique to the conditions...
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    Humidity For Adult Sulcata

    I've already got it all done and winterized. Even in Texas it still gets cold enough that plain wood isn't sufficient. I had to use solid foam insulation. I can send you pics if you'd like.
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    Humidity For Adult Sulcata

    Wow! Good to know, thank you.
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    Humidity For Adult Sulcata

    A couple more
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    Humidity For Adult Sulcata

    Here you go: Let me know if you need a different video.