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    Hypo Redfoot Hatchlings

    Nice, they should give you quite a bit of eggs this season.
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    Hypo Redfoot Hatchlings

    Very nice! What is the SCL of the female that has been laying for you?
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    Hypo Redfoot Hatchlings

    Very cool! What has your hatch rate looked like? How large is your female? She's a beaut!
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    blue eyed redfoot!

    Very interesting and cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    Help?! Tortoise Mating With Log?!

    Do you blame him for feeling frisky with that intimate lighting on? :)
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    Bringing sexing back

    I have a female Brazilian that clucks and mounts another female. It caught me off guard when it initially happened as well.
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    Last Mango baby-outstanding

    Especially since it is the grandchild of Darth Maul, it could get rather large for a Brazilian Carbonaria! Don't forget the kevlar socks or you maybe sorry.....
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    Last Mango baby-outstanding

    Absolutely incredible!
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    Autumn outside in NY

    Sure, one of these days I'll get some pics together.
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    Head shots cherry style

    What kinds of dogs mauled "him" Charlie?
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    Cherry Head Hatchlings have landed

    Feel free to start a thread and post some pictures of it.
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    Irma, Harvey and Jose-hurricane hatchlings

    Glad to see you posting again Carl, did they finally get you back in electricity?
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    Irma, Harvey and Jose-hurricane hatchlings

    Very cool! It's awesome to see the Darth line continued!