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    Not sure what these are?

    Thank you yvonne!
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    Not sure what these are?

    Clovers? Two vines i found in the back yard
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    Yermak the Russians Thread i think 70-80 is a little high for russians, 60-70 should be the perfect level of humidity for them. If u want to keep it at a constant humidity level, buy one of these humidifier...
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    Russians does not require a high level of humidity like the Red foots, so spraying the enclosure 2 to 3 times a day should do the trick. Having some kind of lid over the top should help keep in the humidity.
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    Yea, she's definitely a girl! yay now you know! haha
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    Yermak the Russians Thread

    I have a feeling Yermak is a girl, can you flip her over and show us a picture of her tail so we can help you identify her sex for you? She's looking super happy by the way, great job ;)
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    Closed chamber and outdoor enclosure

    I really like what you've done, great job!
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    New fence for Zulu

    Wow that looks awesome, great job! wish i had that much room lol
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    Hot hot is too hot outdoors

    I live in texas and it gets to the three digits quite often, i keep my russians outside 24/7. It looks like you got alot of shade for them, so there shouldn't be any worries, they're made to withstand heat.
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    russian sleeping too much?

    It doesn't look too bad, but russians need A LOT of room because they like to roam thats why an outdoor enclosure is always better if you have room for one and the condition is right. Glass is a no bueno, you don't want them to know that theres a bigger world out there that they can roam...
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    My Humble Russians Home updated!

    It actually rained really hard a few days ago, and the plastic did a great job at keeping the hide dry. I don't have an indoor enclosure, because i never take them in so thank goodness it works.
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    Not worth the money, you can find much larger container (totes) at home depot for 30-50 bucks, get two and connect them for even more room, the bigger the better.
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    New enclosure in the making

    Don't forget to water proof the wood or else it will mold. Looking good, can't wait to see the finishing product.
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    New with a juvenile red foot!!!

    Hi! welcome to the forum. I dont' know much about red foots, but its very likely that its not a good idea to feed worms too much. Weeds and vegies is the safer route. I suggest slowly adding greens into with the worm, and slowly taking the worm out, only feed it every other day or...
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    Russian tort enclosure size

    an outdoor enclosure would be best for russians if that's an available option in your area.