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    Making sure your tortoise is taken care of when you’re gone

    Wow this board is amazing! It seems to have everything, all the answers lol!
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    New Home for Red Foot

    Just wanted to say she is so beautiful. You’ve clearly done a great job with her.
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    Making sure your tortoise is taken care of when you’re gone

    I have a good amount of animals including 2 tortoises. My tortoises I never plan to rehome as long as I’m alive. The thing is that barring any sudden death or fatal illness I realize these are the main ones that can outlive me. does anyone think about this or make arrangements for their...
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    My Juvenile RFT

    Nice i might just want to use your setup as a template when giving mine its 75 gallon if that’s okay? Lol here’s his current setup any criticism besides it’s a 20 long would be welcomed. other pic is before I tried to make it Into a CC enclosure.
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    Photos of pairs or groups of confined tortoises

    I recently nearly purchased 2 small red foots that were housed together at one of my favorite reptile/fish stores. Until I found this forum and then I decided I’ll only take one of them home with me. I was going to give him a 6x2 feet tortoise table until I learned those would only be ok...
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    My Monitors :)

    Nice! i do feed mine frozen thawed rodents but I even preferred prekilled when feeding snake. Safer to the reptile and kinder to the prey.
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    Got A Group of Red Ackies

    Those are honestly too cool! I’ve wanted an ackie pair or group for awhile. They are awesome dwarf monitors!
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    all of my other pet!

    Besides my 2 dogs and 2 tortoises I have a nice little collection of reptiles. My first reptile, a female leopard gecko named Glimmer My female crested geckos, Chakra and Ember My male crested gecko Olive, and a juvenile crested soon to be sold My male blue tongue skink Rocky my male and...
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    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    Russian: Ivan Redfoot: Junior = 1395
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    My Juvenile RFT

    After using the search function more I used aluminum and that with the Che bulb and uvb tube both mounted on the inside is keeping everything perfect. It’s in a thermostat of course
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    Tortstork sent a Xmas Miracle!

    That’s the best damn xmas miracle of all time! Very cool.
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    Closed "Chambers"

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    Converting Redfoot tortoise (temporary) 20 long tank into a closed chamber

    That looks amazing! Thanks. I got a ceramic heat emitter on a thermostat inside the tank. I am about to mount the 18” uvb tube inside aswell then seal the top with wood similar to yours. But not as awesome as yours lol.
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    Closed "Chambers"

    I’m heading out to Home Depot now. Will pick one up then. Thanks