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    I use a greenhouse to house all my adults in the colder months. I prefer it over an indoor setting but it’s something that took me years to perfect so I’m comfortable knowing all are good. Mine is about 8’x24” and it’s heated. I have it set up in a way where there’s microclimates and I’m able to...
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    Almost impossible to purchase a freaking tortoise!!!

    Surprised you’re having a tough time finding redfoots but all the previous recommendations are good ones.
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    Need helping gaining weight for a rescue!

    The value of quarantining a new tortoise cannot be overstated.
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    Shell harden

    It’s possible. If it was kept improperly as you describe then yes but hard to diagnose without seeing it or a vet taking a look. However you said it’s getting harder so it seems you’re doing something better than the previous owner. It depends how worried you are about it. If you’re very...
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    Shell harden

    It’s hard to describe how hard it should feel on a forum but at that size it should be relatively firm. It might have a little give but should not push in like a hatchling’s would. It won’t be “hard” like an adult but it should be really firm. Hope that makes sense LOL! Just make sure he/she is...
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    Not sure? (How old or what size are they mature?)

    Okie dokie. Sound advice.
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    Not sure? (How old or what size are they mature?)

    I’m pretty sure I outlined it’s not the best idea and emphasized that research is important. The point is there is no definitive way to do things and people with good intentions who are doing it wrong should have a safe place to get feedback so they feel comfortable continuing to come back to...
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    Not sure? (How old or what size are they mature?)

    Yes they have. In rare instances. With proper care, constant vigilance, and luck. But it’s something I would never recommend to a new tortoise owner especially with testudos. Even redfoot pairs that are generally peaceful are a bad idea. The male likely won’t directly hurt the female (usually)...
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    Not sure? (How old or what size are they mature?)

    Maturity depends more on size than years. Female Hermann’s can be sexually mature at as small as 5 inches for eastern hermanns. Males even smaller. From the pics it looks like you might be in that range. Having said that for this and other reasons, your enclosure is too small. Once the male gets...
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    Can a tortoise's claws be trimmed? If not, is there anyway to shorten overgrown claws?

    Like previous comments, many species are supposed to have long claws which naturally wear down to proper length with use whether it’s digging or walking on different kinds of substrate. I always find it helpful to keep a few flat rocks or concrete pavers in the enclosure in areas where they have...
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    Fresh Marine

    Seems like one stop shopping for anything anybody would want. I’d never even heard of them and they seem huge. But like you said, no address or phone number that I could find. I had assumed that they’re just moving animals in and out but figured I would throw it out there in case others had...
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    Redfoot with leg issues

    UPDATE! This tortoise has improved a ton. She still wabbles when she walks and the shape of her feet are still as described but she’s been eating like a champ, is alert, and mingled perfectly fine with the rest of the group. And she laid eggs today! This is hilarious because I never saw one of...
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    Fresh Marine

    Anyone ever dealt with Fresh Marine? Here’s a link:
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    Seller Beware- Peter Chin

    This is sad. In 2013 I purchased two Ibera Greeks from you when you were still doing shows. One did amazing (and still is amazing) and the other not so much. I communicated with you on my issues with the second one and came to the determination it was no ones fault. Regardless, you were prompt...
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    Deadly water dish

    I use the water dish from the original OP for juveniles above 4”. Works fine. No issues for years. But honestly the only reason I use it is because I have it and it fits nicely into their enclosures; not that I’m married to it. For everything else I use plant saucers with the exception of...