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    Outside today I dug a hole 1 foot deep and three feet long and did a 70/30 mix of sand and the topsoil from the hole. The sand will hold the heat from the sun in the evening and they can burrow into it. It's an experiment based on a paper I read recently. Wild tortoises in Uzbekistan often...
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    How to help a Tort

    Pet stores are the worst. My first tortoise was kept in a 40 gallon tank with 2 other tortoises of different species. That tortoise almost died the first month I had him from parasites. I would hope that this tortoise has a larger area in the back when he is not on display. That's pretty...
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    He won't know whats poisonous. A tortoise will eat tulips, that causes swelling around the eyes as well as other problems. You could download a plant identification app like PictureThis, or maybe just watch him closely.
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    Carolina Pet Supply issues.

    I've been waiting for some seeds for two weeks. Also ordered some 3rd cut timothy hay from KMS Hayloft the same day. That one should be here in a few days according to tracking. Everything is taking longer except E-bay. I've ordered motorcycle and scooter parts and those got here really quick.
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    Messy eaters

    I may be wrong, but a larger enclosure would be a good idea for many reasons.
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    Messy eaters

    Don't feel bad. The tortoise will be fine in the meantime. Building new enclosures is fun!
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    New Tortoise!

    7.25 Inches SCL
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    To brumate or not to brumate, that is the question.

    Well, there are some really good opinions on this in multiple threads. You can search the forum for "hibernation". I've read most of the threads and its almost a 50/50 split, and this includes many long term tortoise folks. They will be fine without hibernation, but it is part of their...
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    Messy eaters

    When mine are indoors I will feed them on a slate that is in the corner, and put the food in the corner. It mostly stays on the slate tile. My opinion is that your enclosure is too small, and if it were bigger he would be able to be active away from the food area, and go over to eat when hes...
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    male or female?

    What a cool looking shell! I think today this tortoise looks like a female, but if Milk is really only 1 that tail could grow into a male tail.
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    Wiggle, Squiggle, Squirm. Worms.

    I sure do. Some things I post are not meant to be serious (head bobbing, swimming) They are just things I found interesting or amusing. I joke a lot. The worm question I was really curious about though. There's a bunch of videos on youtube of RT's eating worms.
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    New Tortoise!

    I will measure her tomorrow and let you know. Shes buried right now.
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    New Tortoise!

    I got this female Russian off of craigslist. She's doing great so far. She's a little timid when I get close so I am going to wait a week or so to trim her beak. I haven't named her yet.
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    Interesting Study On Foraging Behavior and Diet In The Wild

    I think this paper uses their research and several other academic research studies that were done. They list sources after a lot of the sentences and paragraphs.
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    Bobbing head to music

    You're crazy fish breath. Lay off the tortoise beer.