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    Baby Sulcata

    Beautiful baby🐢💕🥰
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    Is aloe Vera safe bought at Lowe’s

    Thought I would jump in here to comment on your cactus which is beautiful and not the average spineless prickly pear. Opuntia cochenillifera variegata | Variegated Prickly Pear I’ve been getting a...
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    My tortoise’s lowepart is moving

    I was browsing from my TortoiseForum email suggestions of subjects on here.. my first thought was the Greek has a hinge where that part of the shell does move. here is a link to a similar discussion on here. Its a great read...
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    Leopard Tortoises

    Thanks so much. I couldn’t tell what it was. Ive grown plants like that but I thought they were Philodendron. I may been growing pathos. I'm excited to use this. Thanks for posting your picture.
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    Leopard Tortoises

    What plant is this big vine. I was afraid to use it with my young juvenile leopard
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    Meet our adopted Leopard tortoise

    I found a great picture of a leopard female tail. Douglas is stunted from 2 years of not getting what he needed. I got him October 9 at 447.92 grams and 5” long 1/31/21 he weighed 729 grams and 6” long. But I really wanted to know if he was a real boy. He is because he’s showed me quite often...
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    Soaking in warm water from the tap?

    OMG I had to share your reply to my best friend! If I’d done the things you’ve done for all those years, it’s exactly what I’d have wrote. Thank You for such a great easy to understand with no doubts reply🤣 I totally agree 1000%
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    Do leopards often want to go out in the winter? Mine just asked to go out and is eating mulch...

    I have know idea but IM happy to see someone else has a talking Leopard. Mine tells me things he wants lol. Aren’t they awesome?
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    Have plastic Christmas tree totes gone extinct?

    Im using mine for a red foot I bought at a pet store. This tree tote is 52” long but 16” at the bottom which is not enough, I hate the width. I soak in a groomers bathtub or would buy one of those big mixing pans at Home Depot or Lowe’s. They are easy to deal with and plenty big enough for...
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    New Tortoise mom again after many years

    Shoot I meant not floor tiles. Like stepping stones square, sorry. I’ll certainly let you know 🤔
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    New Tortoise mom again after many years

    They are like tiles for your house. But are 12x12” and have a slight abrasive surface. Not much. I think the pot bottom has done a little to his front nails already. One looks like brick and I chose the gray.
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    New Tortoise mom again after many years

    Yes you are🥰🌴🌺🐢
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    Meet our adopted Leopard tortoise

    It’s very hard to not 🐢🌴🌺👍🥰
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    New Tortoise mom again after many years

    I didn’t see any slate stepping stones. I’d rather have them as the would mor natural. I grew up here where slate was our rocks. We love busting it up.
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    New Tortoise mom again after many years

    Thanks so much. It isn’t very abrasive and with his terra cotta plate there’s really no room for his plastron. Mostly just his front feet getting into his food and just saw him standing high on his tip toes eating. Don’t think with him standing like that on this tile it will take long to trim...