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    white between plates on my tort

    wow thats some very interisting color variation auerdoan
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    white between plates on my tort

    Thank goodness! i will let you know if there is any sudden change . I was about ready to take him to the vet.:(
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    white between plates on my tort

    ive attached two pictures in this reply
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    white between plates on my tort

    Hi everyone its been some time since ive been here. My tort that ive named "Dino" has been doing fine since the last time i was here and that was because he was new to me and was not eating. The suns comming back Dino is spending more time outside. Before letting him out this morning. I was...
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    Unfortunate Tortoise Accident

    I watched utube, that little turtle looks like shes been thrue a lot. great idea with the wheel.
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    Spring Mix

    Thanks for addressing my comment, i like to question things. ive heard of storys of torts and turtles being fed cat and dog food not too long ago very surprising.. and very unfortunate for the pet If it wasnt for spring mix and roman greens my little tort my not be alive. eventually...
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    Spring Mix

    Im not sure about the russian tort but as for the african torts, by looking at the web site listed above "" contradics what people are recommending on this site. Specifically the spring mix. i would be interisted in seeing a count of members here with torts of this kind- african...
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    Sad but sweet

    It takes a really talented person to do a fix like that on a tortoise.
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    protect your tortoise

    Ive noticed these torts are very persistant, and have seen my little leopard Tort off the ground in one of the corners. he was using the stakes i had holding the walls upright for leverage. i capped the corners and filled the space between the steaks. im planning on a new outdoor but with...
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    Vacation, what do you do with your torts?

    -------------------- I didnt see you mention the type of tort u have but u did mention the age this may take time to establish and may be possible with warmer weather like here in California. but have you ever thought about the fact that torts did live at one time and still do live...
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    ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Food

    Thanks Yvonne, im going to try that. Auerdoan
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    Little Bit is sick

    I am so sorry for your lose. Your tort is at ease and with no pain.. your tort was very lucky to have u as a owner you never gave up. auerdoan
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    sounds good Greg. i emailed you it should contain my email. if not post me here and we can work out the details. -Auerdoan
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    whats the payment option and i like the question before this long till it goes bad
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    Arizona heat

    Sounds like my Leopord tort. He runs for cover if i pull him out into the sun. I dug him a hole he can go into. when i see the hole getting really dry i put the water hose in it. The dirt soaks it up in no time. the hole in the ground is about 10 degrees cooler. He loves it. Ive seen mine...