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    Wheezing three toed box turtle

    My turtle has been occasionally wheezing he is eating great and is very alert and active. He also does not have any discharge from his eyes or nose. I have been soaking him regularly and trying to increase his humidity. His humidity is about 60 to 70% and temps between 75 to 80 during the day...
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    Baby eastern box turtle

    Thanks I have been trying to feed her a variety of foods but she tends to only eat the box turtle pellets and bugs but won't eat anything else I offer. I'm not the biggest fan of only feeding commercial diets but she won't eat anything else so I'm just concerned that she seems so tiny to me. Her...
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    Baby eastern box turtle

    I have had a baby eastern box turtle for about 5 months now and she's about a year old. Shes been eating great and is active and alert. I have had box turtles before but never a baby box turtle and I'm not sure how fast they grow. Mine seems very tiny still and I just want to know if shes...