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Feb 15, 2017
May 16, 2013
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Nov 16, 1981 (Age: 37)
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Active Member, Male, 37, from philippines

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Feb 15, 2017
    1. SidGo
      Hello can you please help me look for a male cherry head please. My mail is [email protected]
    2. River Baja
      River Baja
    3. Randell Tiongson
      Randell Tiongson
    4. peqio
      Hello, do you know someone selling aldabra tortoise in Philippines? My email add is [email protected]
    5. DaveRoth
      Hi. I'll be in Manila area in 2 months. I'd like to get a sulcata. Contact: [email protected] Please let me know if you have any available. Thanks.
    6. Derich Raymund A. Cabrera
      Derich Raymund A. Cabrera
      Hello! really interested in buying a new tortoise. preferably one that doesn't grow as big as the sulcata such as a russian tortoise, a red footed tortoise, or an indian star. is there any way you could help me? i'm in the Marikina area. thanks!!
    7. Cress
      Hello I'm also interested in having my own tort. But I dont know where I can buy or get one. I would also like to know the prices and info. Thanks! :D
    8. Roylan Dequito
      Roylan Dequito
      Good Day, Akina_86 informed me you sells tortoise here in manila, i am looking for a hatchling with size around 3inches. Can you send me your tortoise available and their respective cost. Thanks
    9. carlosp123
      Good day, im very interested in having a tortoise but i live in pampanga, no tortoise are sold here so i dont quite know how do these turtle cost. Can you please give me an info on what are the beginner tortoise are and how much they cost? Thanks and Godbless!

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    Nov 16, 1981 (Age: 37)
    Location (City and/or State):
    I love pets, i got lot of pets since child, parrots, doves, chicken, teddy bear hamster, roborovski hamster, local iguana, different fish, green turtle, pig nise turtle, i breed hedgehogs before, but when i got married i have to let go most of them, after a fews yrs my friend introduce mo to tortoise, i fell i love with them, am planning to have more tortoise