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    pretend chat

    Sadly, I'm going to be signing off for awhile. I'll talk to all of you when I get home.
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    Welcome to the forum! :)
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    Best buds enjoying the sun

    Cool picture! :cool:
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    The trip that started it all...

    Amazing! :)
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    pretend chat

    I miss everybody! I can't wait to be home and back on the couch talking to all of you! You guys are like a part of the family now! Arizona was a lot of fun but I would've enjoyed it so much more, I think if I visited a place where there was more desert and I could've seen the tortoises...
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    pretend chat

    I'm thankful for them, but b/c of the big rift between them, and me trying to remain neutral, it's just a lot of stress. Besides 1 more fuhgettabowdit and I'm going to lose my mind! ;)
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    pretend chat

    Steph, move over... you're crowding me down here in the gutter! ;)[hr] Family outing to some Christmas tree lighting thing... woo hoo! Obvious sarcasm. Family is great, but too much family is bleh! Grrrr....
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    pretend chat

    Steph get your mind out of the gutter! ;)
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    Laying eggs?.

    Good luck, Hector! :)
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    mourning the loss of my lil Squishy

    Sorry to hear about your loss. :(
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    pretend chat

    No, everything is going to be okay. Trust me! I come home Wednesday so I'm all over the weather! You'll be fine! :):):)
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    This is why you never should give banana to your RedFoots !!!

    Aww... give the little fella a napkin. :)
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    pretend chat

    Nice, Pete! Lucky son of a gun! :D
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    Lobatse hingeback

    Sono molto belle! Quanti anni hanno loro?