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    egyptian tortoise

    I have hold backs they are male 1000 and possible females 1300, age 2 years male, possible females almost 2 years

    New baby hatched

    have meanwhile 20 new babies and more coming.

    3 T.g.terrestris greek tortoises

    I'm selling 3, very nice 1 year old T.g.terrestris Greek tortoises (origin:Tortoise supply) $400 each. Pick up in Los Angeles $400 plus shipping West coast only! contact: [email protected]

    Egyptian Tortoise.

    I have no plants and use only oyster shell. Sand can be ingested and leads to impaction which can result in death.

    Western Hermann's tortoise

    thanks very much. I have eggs incubating so there is more coming. from Tuscany locale and if i get the idea it is safe I'll ship again...

    egyptian tortoise

    Hi Lucy, I have Egyptians but with the COV 19 I'm not shipping only local pick up. I'm very sorry. Los Angeles pick up.

    egyptian tortoise

    Thanks Tom for recommending me.

    Female incubated Western hermann's tortoise

    sorry, Tuscany locale

    Female incubated Western hermann's tortoise

    I'm selling a female incubated Western Hermann's tortoise (Chris Leone). Kept indoors. I'm asking $300 Pick up only in Los Angeles paypal: [email protected] contact: [email protected]

    Western Hermann's tortoise

    I'm selling an 8 month old Western Hermann's tortoise, it is from my own studbook registered breeding group. 24/7 outdoors and doing great. I'm asking $350. Pick up only in Los Angeles paypal: [email protected] contact: [email protected]

    Golden Greek female Jordanian locale

    I'm selling a 10 year old captive bred female Golden greek tortoise. She is 24/7 outdoors. $300 pick up for now, will ship later. contact: [email protected] paypal:[email protected]

    Where do I buy from?

    thanks very much for mentioning me. I sold my group to a local guy so i'm not able to offer anymore.

    Testudo Kleinmanni book?

    Hi Sal, I'm an Egyptian breeder in CA and the book that is the most comprehensive one is from Franziska Biedenweg and Ricarda Schramm, Tartaruga Verlag, but I think you can also get the book at amazon, just google. The Egyptian Tortoise. Testudo kleinmanni Lortet, 1883, A fascinating little...

    Can someone identify this turtle?

    Chris Leone would know from Garden State Tortoises but i would also think batagur. Thanks for rescuing it. This meat market and poaching must stop.