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    New Older (Sulcata) Brother For My 2 Sons

    This could become a full time occupation. I think I would love one as well!
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    New Older (Sulcata) Brother For My 2 Sons

    He is amazing! Thank you for adopting him. I have a Sully who is only 4. (I am 60). So I am hoping that my grandchildren will be in a situation to love him/her well or failing that someone like your family. I wouldn't dare guess age but definitely someone should. This is a great forum! Make...
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    Please Read (skin peeling?)

    Soaking helps both....
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    New User

    I am in upstate, New York.
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    New User

    Welcome! This group is great. Luckily for my tort, they are a wealth of knowledge!
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    Beak stuck shut?

    Thank you for giving such a thorough explanation. A lot of us are still learning.
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    Hello from Germany (sulcata owner with many questions :))

    Welcome! Sounds like you are an excellent tortoise "mom". I have a 14 year old Russian tort and a 4 year old Sulcata, living in upstate New York, USA.
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    Finley the Tortoise

    Welcome! You will love this forum. I have a young Sully but was given terrible information when I purchased him/her as a hatchling 4 years ago. I made a lot of mistakes which the folks here have helped me to correct.