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    Redfoots: Yet another request to help determine sexes...

    They all look like girls, so early in the game. They will all be girls until the tail grows almost overnight or you get a peen flash during a bath. They are still too small for an accurate sexing.
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    Sexing Peroni - Cherry-head tortoise

    Thanks for the pics, it is really cool to see what a “native” cherry looks like! Most of what we see are captive bred in the states or those recent imported farm bred cherries. She is a beautiful girl!
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    Sexing Peroni - Cherry-head tortoise

    Looks like a girl to me! Can you send pics of her face and carapace? Very cool that you are posting from Brazil!
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    Cherry head or just a red head?

    Definitely a cherryhead. Rudolph red nose coupled with dark plastron is sure sign.
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    Head shots cherry style

    That’s a handsome male! Is that the one bred by @cdmay?
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    Melanistic redfoot?

    Not me, I hatched one rather colorless one and kept it for kicks. Let me dig through the yard and see what he looks like now. I generally breed for high colors.
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    Help Please Baby Cherryhead

    Lose the pineapple. Generally it takes them up to two weeks to settle in. I don’t know much about inside set ups, but the temps, is that the ambient temp or the temp of the substrate? How little is your tortoise? When they are recently hatched, they need very specific conditions.
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    Red-Footed Youngling, what am I doing wrong?

    What is the ambient temp? Where are you located? Babies need more attention to ambient heat and humidity to thrive. Your enclosure seems a bit open to keep the humidity up and the heat in where it’s needed.
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    Shell rot in cherry head tortoise

    Spot on with the advice. The antifungal cream is merely athletes foot cream. Sometimes on sale at Walmart for $.88 a tube. Should clear up quickly, you caught it early.
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    Muddy Saturday

    As you guys can probably tell, weekends are my preferred time to take pics of my torts. Here are some more of the adults. Not sure why the reds are so saturated in the pics. I know mine are red but the pics are exaggerating the reds. i took a video to see if the reds changed color in the video...
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    Pics of Redfoots, Cherryheads, and a question about "Blonde redfoots"

    This is what I mean when I say you can see the potential in hatchlings. Sorry, I couldn’t take pictures of the adults. By the time I got home, the adults were bedded down already. You can see the differences with the hatchlings.
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    Pics of Redfoots, Cherryheads, and a question about "Blonde redfoots"

    They will darken up and look like normal adults, their areolas May be larger than normal but areola size is something that can be spotted in hatchlings
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    The ubiquitous question... is this a cherryhead?

    Looks like it may be a mix, the scales on the nose don’t look right to be a cherry head. Pretty tort though.
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    Some cherries on a beautiful Sunday morning

    It’s been a whiles since I’ve posted any of my torts. Here are some of my cherries. Mostly took pics of the babies we are growing up, plus the adults were still hiding. Enjoy dorking out to new pics of cherryheads of all sizes. It was a mazuri morning. I got this one blinking. It’s one of the...
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    The Feral Kid

    You have one of the most inspiring yards that balance torts and bonsai. I’m glad you are back to the forum. I’m going to try to make more time to contribute as well.