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    As someone who does not have a lot of access to the weeds that are usually recommended for a baby russian what would you guys say would be the best thing to buy at a grocery store to help get him the same nutritional values.
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    Hide humidity

    the substrate is the eco earth coco fiber you have listed on your website but yeah i figured the hide I got wouldnt work but what you show on your website seems like a good idea that I will try and use.
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    Hide humidity

    Hello I’m in the process of getting a baby Russian and right now I think I almost ready to purchase him but my last problem is hide humidity. Right now his heat lamp is heating his basking spot to about 97 degrees while also producing uva and uvb I don’t know how to get his hide humid though.
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    Hey Tom! Just wondering where you think I should purchase a baby Russian tortoise from.

    Hey Tom! Just wondering where you think I should purchase a baby Russian tortoise from.
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    Will this soil be ok to use as substrate for a baby russian
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    Baby Russian Tortoise Lighting

    Still just reading that gives me confusion because I still see all these different types of lights and I dont know how to put a HO type fluorescent tube over the tube I will be using for the baby russian. And there are so many different types of each of those kinds of lights I still am not sure...
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    Baby Russian Tortoise Lighting

    I have almost everything I need for my baby tortoise but I am still working on the lighting. Whenever I look up the lighting it just ends up confusing me. I would love it if someone could just link something good for me on Amazon or something because when people start recommending different...
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    Baby Russian

    hello looking to buy a baby Russian tortoise and while I know I need a large enclosure of 6’ by 4’ feet or larger what size is recommended for a baby Russian. I saw a kamp Kenan video about Russian tortoise care and and in that video they kept what seemed like 10 tortoises in...