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    Just turned two! Aes the sully.

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    Some sully questions !

    My little guy hides for long periods of time as well. It seems to be when his belly is full and he has been active. Totally normal from my experience. I did get nervous when I didn't see him for over 24 hours, so I dug in looking. Found him trapped under the plastic liner that he dug a hole...
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    Pics of now 2 year old Aes. (Sulcata)

    Thanks everyone. I guess I'm just a worried parent and I think I have projected body dysmorphia; in regards to the pyramiding. So, thanks again for the reinsurance.
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    Pics of now 2 year old Aes. (Sulcata)

    He's two now and I snapped some pics while he was distracted by the new part of the yard. Before anyone says anything, I see the pyramiding and have already read through this forum and taken the proper steps to stop it.
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    Hay feed

    Good advice. He always has drinking/soaking water, and I know he uses it cause I clean poop out if every day. I also keep damp sphagnum moss where he like to burrow.
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    Hay feed

    Just switched from live grass to hay feed. Live grass seemed like a great idea but... It smelled, attracted bugs, and my sulcata dug most of it up anywho. He seems to friggin' love the hay, mostly orchard grass, he burrows intricate tunnels and chows down on the stuff. Not to mention it's about...
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    Calcium for my tortoise

    I mix the powder w/ pumpkin purée. It's cheap and they can't resist it.
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    New enclosures all around. :)

    I put this together for about $200 w/ stuff from Lowe's and a local farm co-op. 4x4, both levels are removable, almost everything is edible, and it's self cleaning for almost year. That's if you use bioactive soil, which I recommend. [hr] 2x hr
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    Sulcata w/ a pancake?

    Okay, well nipped that in the bud. I was wrong. That's why this forum is great.
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    Sulcata w/ a pancake?

    I have an almost 2 year old Sulcata, Aesop, who I love. I also can't get over how awesome pancake tortoises are. I believe they have similar housing needs and want feedback on thoughts of having them be house mates, only until Aes outgrows my table. Side note: thanks for this forum...
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    Tortoise table on a budget pic heavy

    Dunno why it's always 2x
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    Tortoise table on a budget pic heavy

    Well played. I was in the same situation and threw this together for about $150.
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    Washing pumpkin off

    Yea, he doesn't like calcium supplement on his greens so I mix it in with canned organic pumpkin purée.
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    What can i plant in my Sulcatas indoor area?

    That's all orchard grass in my enclosure. Cheap to buy and grew fast and thick.
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    Snuggling with Cactus

    Same here. I've even moved the cactus and he goes wherever it is.