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    I e-mailed with Chris this weekend- Ida did not impact them - The flooding in Northern New Jersey and everyone is A-OK.
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    Hingeback ID

    These two are Kinixys belliana. Nice looking animals.
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    Hingeback ID

    First take account shell shape. That's what separates Belliana and Spekii most definitely. The head color is what we are using to distinguish Zombensis from Belliana, as both those species have fairly domed shells. But the Speke's carapace is distinctly flattened and elongated, a character...
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    please help with I.D.!!

    So this is Kinixys belliana imported from Kenya. It is NOT a Kinixys spekii- even though in many cases, they are being sold as Kinixys spekii. Unfortunately, they have been really hard to establish. Most have died, but a few have had good luck. Keep us updated. Also, it definitely appears to...
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    Hingeback ID

    Any time!
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    Hingeback ID

    These animals are all Kinixys spekii. They have elongated and flattened shells.
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    General questions regarding breeding, conservation, and assurance colonies

    Bill you're right it's a "if we need you we'll use you world". Lauren Augustine did a nice presentation on the Cuora bouretti/galbinifrons/picturata studbook at the 2019 TTPG conference...and there are plenty of private keepers' animals in the AZA studbook. Because without those animals, there...
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    General questions regarding breeding, conservation, and assurance colonies

    There are sooooo many radiateds being produced compared to Egyptians. They're really easy to obtain, and they're really quite common in the wild. If they weren't common, then poachers wouldn't be able to collect 10,000 of them and put them in a house. The reason why they are listed as an...
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    General questions regarding breeding, conservation, and assurance colonies

    There's a movie recently release that showed this Radiated tortoises are well represented in captive collections - but Egyptians certainly would be a good one to work with. They're small, and critically, critically endangered, much more so than radiateds. Get to know Ralph Till if you haven't...
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    Rescue Hingeback, Deirdre

    Jamie, great thread- I just moved my whole collection to our new house- so I haven't been on TFO for a while, but thanks again for taking this one on. As far as more eggs, have you ever palpated a tortoise? You tilt the animal upward, at about a 45 degree angle or so, and carefully insert a...
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    Mulberry tree - want

    Randy, my guess is that white mulberries can easily be found as weeds in your area. They spread very, very easily. They just show up in my yard as weeds....Get in touch with a local amateur botanist and you probably can get hooked up with people that are pulling them out as weeds...
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    Kinixys belliana

    This is a true Kinixys belliana. Right now, these are all coming out of Kenya. When you say a "western" belliana, I'm guessing you are probably referring to the western hingeback tortoise, Kinixys nogueyi, from West Africa. They aren't currently being imported, but with the Kenyan belliana...
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    tort type

    These is one of the Kinixys belliana that are coming in from Kenya invariably named Speke's or Zombensis or "Northern Zombensis" by the importers.
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    Ideal lighting for my Speke’s

    Hi Jacqui- The animals coming in now are true Bell's hingebacks. This species has never come in to the U.S. in these types of numbers in my memory, which dates to about 1990. So they're not the same species as your animals (do you still have them?) which are Kinixys nogueyi.
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    Novice requires urgent help

    @Dawny09 It appears that your animal is a Kinixys nogueyi, formerly Kinixys belliana nogueyi. I've cared for these animals for decades and have hatched 21 babies. You can learn about this species and how I care for them on my youtube channel here: