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    MEE eggs 6/17/21

    Very cool! I felt bad when I found one broken hermann's break egg after all her hard work of digging in the sand. Must not feel good to find the whole cluch ends up broken. Especially considering how big those clutches are.
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    Active times of day

    If they are stressed they will perfer to hide/ sleep more than they normally would. Try not to handle them too much while they are adjusting to there new home. It's normal for them to be active for only parts of the day. Poops and eating are a great sign that they are adjusting to there new...
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    Eastern Hermann's babies in NC

    Sorry they are all sold. I'm sure I'll have more next summer.
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    Eastern Hermann's babies in NC

    I have a bunch of baby torts available to anyone in the Wilmington NC area. I'm not willing to ship at this time. But I might be willing to meet within a few hours of Wilmington. $150.00 each 5 were born late July and the other 5 were born late August. All are eating and growing fast. I have...
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    Sulcatas for adoption

    Thanks for trying!
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    Sulcatas for adoption

    Let me know what they say. I'm in Wilmington NC and could make the drive if they need a rescue.
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    Are you still trying to trade your tort?

    Are you still trying to trade your tort?
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    Want to adopt in Wilmington NC

    Hey everybody, I live in the Wilmington North Carolina area and I am looking to adopt any unwanted turtles or tortoises. I have a 13 year old female Eastern Herman's tortoise that I raised from a hatchling and some red eared sliders that I've had since I was a kid. I have more than 10 acers of...