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    He's back

    We have wild black RASPBERRIES :) all along the fence, field, and a patch beside our wild mulberry tree
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    Male or Female?

    I would have to agree that it is a male :)
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    He's back

    I know! I'm doing everything I can to keep him around, he has just been chilling though :)
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    What's all the commotion?

    *Joey from Friends voice* How you doin'?
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    He's back

    Yeah, so the people without a hound could attract wild box turtlse without making them easy prey
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    He's back

    I could just put the brush pile near my Basset Hound, he will trap the raccoon in his dog house, lol
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    He's back

    He came into my backyard today :D
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    Eastern box turtle

    He was the product of a wild box turtle mating with my neighbor's female, my neighbor only had the one turtle so he was surprised to find her laying eggs. This particular guy weighed in at 372 grams.
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    Eastern box turtle

    I see him all the time down the road, I live in the country so he'll be okay, he shows up in my backyard sometimes. Years back I remember when he was a hatchling, he was so cute.
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    Eastern box turtle

    This guy showed up at my garage, he is pretty cool
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    Tortoise Drawing

    I drew this adorable hermanns tortoise. Hermanns are just so cute :D
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    Should I get a Great Dane?

    My grandma's sister used to have a Great Dane and it had a kitten that it would snuggle up to. :-)
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    That is adorable! Sometimes my pomeranian is "more than friends" with a few of my outdoor cats! :-)
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    Hello from Lima, OH

    I forgot to mention that I have 3 dogs. A pomeranian named Bear A basset hound named Barklee And a yorkie/poodle mix named Buttons