@Octavious22 What's up with the golden-looking one? Is that a hypo? Are they all sibs or all different bloodlines, or what? You keep them so well - perfect shells, and so dear.
@Mantissa3 The golden one I acquired from she is not a hypo. I'm pretty sure she is a Northern from Venezuela or Colombia one of those countries for sure. She was sold to me as a high colored Redfoot boy was I surprised when I got her because she didn't look like reg redfoot. She is 15 months old now and her shell hasn't changed at all; and she spends a lot of the time outside in their outdoor enclosure and her carapace looks the same. I heard something about her being a blonde redfoot but I really don't know what that means. I strongly believe that tortoises benefit from being outside exposed to natural sunlight. I think this has a lot to do with them having smooth shells. My goal has been to prevent pyramiding since day one, so I'm constantly doing research on diet and care. Diet has a lot to do with it and also humidity. Oh and the darker Redfoots are from a different breeder from Alabama. My guess is that they are Guyanans but I dont know for sure. I just know that they come from different mothers. But the red scales on them is very intense. I haven't asked the breeder what locality they are from because she said that most of her torts were rescues, but I am going to ask her to find out ;)
@Octavious22 They are all three very beautiful- you are good, doing a great job partnering with them building perfect shells, good for you! The darker two look Brazilian to me- kind "cherry head-ish" but you see them in person, kind of hard to tell from a single picture, and I'm a very beginner at this so others on TFO will know more about their regions than I do, of course. The golden-looking one is absolutely stunning. Are you going to breed them in a few years? I think that one may turn out to be a staple of your breeding herd if that is not a one-off recessive you are seeing. Anyway- breeding or not, great job on your amazing babies!
@Mantissa3 Thank you the darker ones do have very dark skin but one of them actually has black skin more than the other and that makes her scales stand out more. She looks almost like a cherry head but she is not . I'm going to ask the breeder to see what she says. Right now I just want to raise them as healthy as possible and if they want to breed when adults I would probably just let nature do its thing :D

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