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  1. Ben and Luci
    Ben and Luci
    I have a 22 year old sulcata tortoise.
  2. April Lynn
    April Lynn HermanniChris
    Hello Chris. I have a baby greek and am having trouble with humidity. I read your care guide and I have a question. I have a plastic tote for the enclosure. I plan to drill holes and use the lid at night once lights are out to hold humidity and moisture as per your guide. Question, during the day when lights are back on, I leave the top open and that's ok? I'd love your advice.
  3. TurtleLover_Aly
    Tortoises are one of the few animals that heal us. By mind and by emotions.
  4. Ginger ninja
    Ginger ninja
    Leopard, 5yrs old not eating, any help gratefully received
  5. M14
    I loved pretty much all animals.
  6. M14
    I'm really worried we bought a baby Kenyan Sand boa Sat Dec. 7th it
  7. Mbunny
    I rescued a three toed box turtle and an ornate and they are very picky with what they eat. Any tips?
  8. Turnerman06
    Hello! I am wanting to purchase my first box turtle. I am having trouble finding a reputable place to buy. Any suggestions?
  9. Babyozzy
    Hi can any one help plz my baby horsefield not eating or drinking after having baytril injections
  10. Koko0611
    Koko0611 Carol S
    Hi Carol I was interested in purchasing a Russian I’d like a male preferably and was wanting to know how much your shipping would be to Texas 77590 zip code if you do ship , and what all comes with the tortoise upon shipping ! Is there a way to contact you via email ? I’m very interested and when you will have more available
  11. awt1997
    i have a hermann's tortoise named Joe
  12. Jrpalashoff
    Russian Tortoise we got in 2013 My children have loved him for many years but he is lacking the attention he deserves. Located Pittsburgh
  13. Melissacoop
    Newbie from South Florida!!
  14. JeffR
    JeffR Markw84
    Love all your posts

    Would love the plans for your outdoor enclosure...Amazing!!

    Do you have any more Burmese Stars
  15. Kim T
    Kim T
    I am a new member
  16. JoeWells
    JoeWells kanalomele
    I’m in the market for a male Russian tortoise. If you get a chance would you send a message my way regarding your stock. Thank you for your time
  17. JoeWells
    JoeWells Carol S
    Popular lady! I too am looking to purchase a Russian. Preferably male if that’s possible. Get back to me if you have a spare second. Thank you carol, enjoy your evening
  18. Coco Channell
    Coco Channell
    Happy New Year 2020
  19. TortNZ
    My first Hermann Tortoise is on the way! Her name is Evo - named after the fast Mitsubishi Rally car the Tommi Makinnen Evo
    1. TortNZ
      And she is 1 year old
      Dec 31, 2019
  20. harnish1102
    harnish1102 Carol S
    Can you message me about possibly getting a tortoise from you. We got a Russian tortoise from PetSmart and had it for a few days but we had a horrible experience with them and had to take it back. We have been doing a lot of research and know now that it is better to get them from a breeder, not a pet store. I'm hoping you can help us out or point us in a good direction.