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Carol S
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Feb 24, 2017 at 10:04 PM
Jun 2, 2009
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December 24
Alta Loma, CA

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Carol S

Well-Known Member, Female, from Alta Loma, CA

5 Year Member
Carol S was last seen:
Feb 24, 2017 at 10:04 PM
    1. Jrob
      When do you normally have Russian Tortoises for sale? Thanks
    2. KristinM
      Hi, Do you have any young (ideally 6 month plus to juvenile) Russian tortoises available for sale at this point? My son and I are new to this but he has been researching for months and we're finally ready to acquire a tortoise and would like to buy from a well respected breeder. Thank you so much. KristinM
    3. Karen H
      Karen H
      Forgot to give you my email... theholguin6@gmail.com
    4. Karen H
      Karen H
      Hello. I am looking for possibly 2 female Russian tortoises. I have heard only great things about you. :)
    5. nicole evalle
      nicole evalle
      Hi! I live near by and Im looking for a Russian Tortoise! Please contact me: dewdette17@gmail.com
    6. AbeCabot
      Hi, If you still have a male hatchling for sale, can you please send me some pictures? I'm interested in buy one. Thanks!
      1. AbeCabot
        Jun 7, 2016
    7. ElMo
      I am interested in purchasing a Russian tortoise for a pet. I read you were a reputable breeder. Could you email me with more information if you have any tortoises for sale. Thank you.
    8. JaymeePeck7
      I have lots of questions as I am a new mom to 2 Russian tortoises if you could offer any help or advice I would greatly Appreciate it!
    9. k8epatton
      Can you contact me about purchasing a russian hatchling please? Thanks! k8epatton@gmail.com
    10. Tommyknockers84
      Hope you don't mind me following you! Jeez sounding a bit like a stalker lol.
    11. BLUAZUL1
      Hi Carol could you email me at bluazul@austin.rr.com about 2 1/2 year old Russian tort
      1. orv likes this.
    12. John Peskey
      John Peskey
      Hello, you were recommended on the site!
      I would love some info on acquiring a Russian!
      Kind regards!
    13. frank artusa
      frank artusa
      Hi carol I'd love to buy one from you if still available my email is cassano99999@yahoo.com
    14. Dtiny_312
      Hi Carol! Are any of your Russian babies still available? I'd love to talk with you if they are! :) - Destiny
    15. Yellow Turtle01
      Yellow Turtle01
      Hey! I just want to congratulate on those russian babies. They look so great! You must be doing something right. :D
      1. TortsNTurtles likes this.
    16. TennisGecko
      Do you still have the Russian Tort Hatchlings??
      If so please let me know :)
    17. BLUAZUL1
      Hi Carol can you email me at bluazul@austin.rr.com about the Russian babies thanks David
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    December 24
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